New Features: Mobile and More

Have you logged in lately? There have been many new changes to ArcZap! But here are the major changes and new features:

1) Look and feel

We went with a friendlier interface this time with a softer color scheme and friendlier fonts. The event calendar is easy to navigate and the side menus have been consolidated.

Look and feel.jpg

Event calendar UW.JPG


2) Navigation bar

Groups, Events, and Messages  now share the side navigation bar with easy access from the top

Easy nav.JPG

3) Mobile friendly

Look for events on the go and upload photos right away! We want to make searching for your next party fast and easy.


4) Goodbye to “spam” emails

Emails are no longer sent immediately but instead come in a single daily summary email.

daily email.JPG

However, you can choose to receive event invites and reminders immediately.

Emailing your group alias will stay normal but comments, updates, and messages will be sent in a summary email once a day.

5) Event Reminders Revamped

Event Reminders are individualized and you can have it text you, email you or both.



6) Event editor

If you own a community or a group, there is now an event editor that can tell you when there are errors in events to be corrected. Tutorials for this will be given to those who curate events.

7) Are you sponsored by a community?

Groups who have a sponsor community, can see the community events amongst your group events. This reduces your need to check both places.



Now… screenshots can only show you so much. So, try out some of these features for yourself!



Looking for Winter Break Events?

Some of you are already on Winter Break!


But some of us still have a few days to wait…


So after a few days of Netflix binge-watching and eating everything in sight, what is there to do? (Besides see Star Wars)


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5 Free Online Tools Everyone in College Should Be Using

Oh college. We all have a love/hate relationship with it. Group projects, research papers, and studying until your brain hurts.


But on the flip side. College is where you build meaningful relationships and your professional network. It’s not something to take for granted. The knowledge you gain will be worth it in the long run.


Here’s 5 tools that every college student should be using to ease the pain of going to college.

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How to throw a Halloween party in college

So, you still haven’t been invited to those popular Halloween house parties that you see on TV.


Do you wish you were there? Do you have friends? Well why not throw your own?

No! I'm way too busy studying!
No! I’m way too busy studying!

Scared to host a party? Well here’s a quick party planning guide that will impress your friends.

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The Google of Events

We just released a new version of our site and we think you will love it. Not only did we listen to all of your feedback and made drastic changes, we also created a whole new section of our site for EVENTS.

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How to stay focused during Spring Quarter

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Do something fun these past few weeks? Create your own celebration board!

Sadly, Spring Break has come to an end. But there were some amazing events these past few weeks that deserve to be remembered.

For example, we went to Sakura Con this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a Northwest Anime Convention in Seattle. We went because our marketing intern was performing for the closing ceremonies and ran a workshop on Chinese martial arts.


Yes, all these girls are holding swords. They were teaching them too! How awesome is that?!

Besides her awesome performance and workshop, we saw many crazy, yet cool things.

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April Fool’s Pranks to do during your lunch break

I procrastinate. You procrastinate. We ALL procrastinate. Especially when it comes to something as silly as April Fool’s Day.

Good thing there are many ways to do easy, last minute pranks. Try these 10 easy pranks yourself or with a small group (the more accomplices, the less responsibility… *snicker snicker*)

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Bigger Can Be Better (March Features Update)

What is bigger than a group? A family? A clan? An Arc?

Clan Quote

If you said Arc, I like the way you think. But the answer is…

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Love/Hate Relationship with your Team Member

I'll kiss you but I'll have to rip your throat out
I’ll kiss you but I’ll have to rip your throat out

For all you college students out there, it’s the middle of Winter Quarter. We just got over the holiday blues, but there is so much more things to deal with. You have to deal with the hardest part of your classes, meeting with professors (so that they can write you a great future recommendation, and worst of all: your group members. It’s bad enough that you had to make new friends with the person sitting next to you the first day (how else would you get notes when you are sick or slept in through 5 alarm clocks?)

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