The Google of Events

We just released a new version of our site and we think you will love it. Not only did we listen to all of your feedback and made drastic changes, we also created a whole new section of our site for EVENTS.

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Where did my post go???

(During a group project)

*LOG: Translation here

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Have you went over the guidelines for our project yet?

The LOG    The LOG: …. No …. You were supposed to post it on [insert social media site here] but I never saw it!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: I posted it yesterday.

The LOG    The LOG: I checked yesterday but nothing was there!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Did you scroll down through Aaron’s spamming posts to see if it was there?

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Bigger Can Be Better (March Features Update)

What is bigger than a group? A family? A clan? An Arc?

Clan Quote

If you said Arc, I like the way you think. But the answer is…

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Love/Hate Relationship with your Team Member

I'll kiss you but I'll have to rip your throat out
I’ll kiss you but I’ll have to rip your throat out

For all you college students out there, it’s the middle of Winter Quarter. We just got over the holiday blues, but there is so much more things to deal with. You have to deal with the hardest part of your classes, meeting with professors (so that they can write you a great future recommendation, and worst of all: your group members. It’s bad enough that you had to make new friends with the person sitting next to you the first day (how else would you get notes when you are sick or slept in through 5 alarm clocks?)

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Opening Presents (The More Exciting Way)

Do you like opening gifts? I know we do!

When I look at the gifts underneath my tree, I get really excited. I start imagining all of the possibilities that it could be.

It's raining presents!
It’s raining presents!

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Thanksgiving Everyday

Thank you, Karen from Facebook, for reaching out to us about how to use ArcZap to plan your family reunion. We want our Facebook page to be a source for any of you to ask questions and find answers. Here at ArcZap, we want to be with you every step of the way. Read our response here:

In line with the theme of family reunions, the biggest family reunion event of the year is coming: Thanksgiving

Let me share with you a story of a girl I once knew, who never had a traditional Thanksgiving.

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