Where did my post go???

(During a group project)

*LOG: Translation here

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Have you went over the guidelines for our project yet?

The LOG    The LOG: …. No …. You were supposed to post it on [insert social media site here] but I never saw it!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: I posted it yesterday.

The LOG    The LOG: I checked yesterday but nothing was there!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Did you scroll down through Aaron’s spamming posts to see if it was there?

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Bigger Can Be Better (March Features Update)

What is bigger than a group? A family? A clan? An Arc?

Clan Quote

If you said Arc, I like the way you think. But the answer is…

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Skeptical at first

Have you ever had that “Huh” moment? Not the one where you don’t understand something, but the one where you are contemplating if something is legit or completely looney toons. You squeeze your eyebrows together, squint your eyes a little, and perk your lips to one side. Try it, it really makes you look like a thinker.

Skeptical Look

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The Neighbor Who Disagrees

We’ve all been there before: your fiery Aunt Janice has friended a neighbor who violently opposes all of her opinions. And whenever you like her statuses, your inbox is flooded with a hundred little notifications, all alerting you to angry comments from – you guessed it — Neighbor Who Disagrees.

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What is ArcZap?

Arc, Arch, Zap

As we ready our technical preview alpha, it is appropriate to explain what ArcZap is all about.  One meaning of ‘arc’, when used as a noun,  means part of the circumference of a circle or curve.  Think of the St. Louis Arch.   Or the outer round rim of crust on a slice of pie. “Zap” can mean a sudden burst of electricity, energy, or sound.   ArcZap is a way to instantaneously communicate and interact with a specified set of friends.

15s Pitch – What is ArcZap About?

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