The Neighbor Who Disagrees

We’ve all been there before: your fiery Aunt Janice has friended a neighbor who violently opposes all of her opinions. And whenever you like her statuses, your inbox is flooded with a hundred little notifications, all alerting you to angry comments from – you guessed it — Neighbor Who Disagrees.

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What is ArcZap?

Arc, Arch, Zap

As we ready our technical preview alpha, it is appropriate to explain what ArcZap is all about.  One meaning of ‘arc’, when used as a noun,  means part of the circumference of a circle or curve.  Think of the St. Louis Arch.   Or the outer round rim of crust on a slice of pie. “Zap” can mean a sudden burst of electricity, energy, or sound.   ArcZap is a way to instantaneously communicate and interact with a specified set of friends.

15s Pitch – What is ArcZap About?

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