Tap This! Searchable MTG Events

I am proud to announce our newest event platform ArcZap MtG Events


We are Seattle’s first and only searchable Magic: the Gathering event calendar.  Magic: the Gathering is a hugely popular collectible card game (over 20 Million players play it worldwide) with players wanting to play and/or compete in tournament events hosted near them. Until now, finding the location, date, time and format of events has been difficult.

Last year, for example, when I was looking for an Eldritch Moon pre-release event, I found out that one of my local game store was having 3 events on that Saturday.  Checking their web site I found the pre-registration times for their events at 11am, 12am, and 5pm.  The 11am pre-registration was sold out so I booked the 12am one, thinking that was noon, and only realized I had booked the Midnight session the day before. (Luckily, my friend pointed it out BEFORE I showed up at noon after asking which one I had booked.)



In light of the issues surrounding this, we created the MTG Events calendar for players.  All the Magic events of all types at all the local stores, searchable, so you can find out where and when to get a great game of magic.  Let’s walk through the key features, first our calendar.


In the calendar view you are shown a simple calendar with Magic events within 10 miles of you (default assuming you are in the Seattle area). To see more events on a day, click the number of the day to switch to list view (on phones the list view is default).


You can narrow you search by selecting tags.


Or pick stores.


NOTE: on phones, these options are in the menu dropdown.



You can even change the search radius or center of search with the map.  In the following example I reduced the search radius to 5 miles and searched from the middle of Tacoma.


After you’ve found the event want to attend you can save the event and we’ll even remind you!

Here’s how you do this.   First choose the event to open the event details page.


This will display the event details page.


Choose the save, yes, or no button.


If you haven’t registered with ArcZap before you’ll need to sign up in order to save the event. Fortunately, sign up is easy using your  Facebook account or an email address.


After you are signed up and logged in, when you choose save you will get the reminder options.


Pick your time frame and whether you would like an email or SMS text message reminder and choose ‘Remind Me’.  Of course, we are only helping you find the event, you’ll still need to register, pre-register, or whatever is necessary with the tournament organizer who is hosting the event.

We hope you will find our searchable MTG Events calendar useful!  We also want to know of any ways to make it more useful!  If you have any feedback, you can use our feedback bar on the bottom of our site or leave messages in the comments below.  Happing tapping and may your opening hands need no mulligans.


P.S.  As of today, the Aether Revolt pre-releases are this weekend.   You’ll be glad to know we set all midnight releases to Friday at 11:55PM.  just to be clear… 😉


Here are some handy links we’ve set up for you.

Aether Revolt Pre-releases within 15 miles of me

All midnight Aether Revolt pre-releases (set to Friday at 11:55pm)

All Two-headed Giant pre-releases


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