5 Spring Break Getaway Ideas

Spring break is just around the corner. No, really, it is!

If you have been busy trying to finish your last quarter as strong as you can:

First: Great job! Winter quarter is the worst and if you have enough stamina to push it to the end, kudos to you!

Second: You probably had zero time to plan Spring Break.

If you planned a Spring Break elaborately already, share these 10 Spring Break Getaway Ideas with your friends!

1) Roadtrip!

Have you always wanted to see the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore? Why not go to those specifically and plan your own roadtrip!

Furkot has planned roadtrips and times specifically designed already or you can create your own.

Have enough time to go around the country? Check out the perfect road trip according to science. It takes you to all 48 states and their landmarks.

3159362890_2e67a7aba9_o (2)
Flickr: abhisawa

3) Go Play in the Snow!

Who said Spring Break has to be about warm weather? Chill by the fireplace at Stevens Pass and enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or tubing. Nothing sounds better than hot cocoa by the fire with a book in hand after a long day shredding the slopes.

24511193442_d7da84acfc_o (2)
Credit: FCB Excaliber

4) Leavenworth

This place has serious Bavarian charm. If you wait a little bit, the Ale-fest is on April 22nd. Go explore the festivals, have fun outside, or just eat and drink all day.

2132494600_3da86026d4_o (2)
Credit: Trec-Lit

5) Go to Idaho!

Unless you are already in Idaho, check out the outdoor fun to be had there! Including the Brownlee Resevoir.

14703851639_e6a6f809e2_o-1 (2)
Alice Lake by Charles Knowles

Need help getting a group together and explore one of these fantastic places? Check out how to create an Arc on our site to privately invite your friends and plan!

Have an awesome Spring Break!

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