How to relieve stress by decluttering

The worst thing is to come home and see this:

Credit: pixabay


After a long day at school or work, you just want to relax. But to relax you need a nice, serene place to collect yourself. That place may be at your keyboard.


Credit: Wikimedia

But if there is clutter on the one thing you go to in order to relax, it’s time to de-clutter your living space.

I know, I know. Housework is the last thing on your mind.

You probably have 5 papers to write and 2 presentations to prepare for before next Monday.

However, getting your living space organized helps block the flow of energy that you need to succeed in your day to day tasks.

Here are 5 easy ways to de-clutter your space a little at a time. Perfect for those who just don’t have time for it.

1) Learn to put away papers right away

After getting the mail, you add the pile to the big pile of mail that you accumulate. Instead of adding and adding to this endless pit of paper, recycle what you don’t need (ads, etc) right away and file away the rest. Need some cheap filing items. Go to your closest Daiso (Japanese $1.50 store)


2) When it comes to dishes, clear them every night after dinner. AND before you pop a movie in or start doing homework.

Some of us learn the hard way but the dishwasher is your friend. You can hide dishes there for a few extra days before you notice it. Do yourself a favor and fill it up every night so that you don’t have the bacteria abyss just sitting in your kitchen sink.

3) Do the clothes hanger trick

Many of us have too many clothes that we don’t wear anymore. For the next 6 months (or shorter if you like), hang your all your clothes with the clothes hanger facing the opposite way. After your allotted time, take out the items that haven’t been worn and give them to Goodwill. You don’t need it anymore.

Ahhhh I feel so much more relaxed already


4) When cleaning, start with 5 things at a time

Just starting with a little can go a long way. This step is usually the hardest. We all know this because starting dinner or starting a paper is the worst part of the whole process. With this 5 things rule, just concentrate on those 5 things and where they belong. Now do it over and over again and see how far you get. Breaking up your work into small pieces makes it easier for our brains to concentrate on it. To add some fun, put some of your favorite music on!



5) Last but not least, if all else fails, go to

There you can visit whenever you start feeling like the things in your life are suffocating you. Or if you just need some ideas on how to all of your fancy collections.











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