Our 2016 Resolutions

Yeah yeah, New Year’s resolutions are a bit cliche. Lose weight, get smarter, all of that jazz. However, these are more than just resolutions (though they include losing weight and getting smarter) they are also goals. Very achievable goals we have thought about for the last 2 weeks. We want these goals to better serve ourselves and better serve all of you.




John Pennock, Founder & CEO

1.      Make ArcZap wildly useful

2.     Don’t procrastinate blog content when Melody asks

3.     Use sublime instead of visual studio for my editor

4.     Create ArcZap mobile app in google play store

5.      Walk and listen to audio books 30-min a day

6.     Finish my magic card collection:

One of every unique card ever printed that is available (well over 15,000 cards…)

7.     Rinse Repeat using conditioner

8.     Publish minimyth – my ancient mythology on ancient coin site.




Chris Bennett, Cofounder & VP of Development1.

1.      Have lots of users using ArcZap.

2.      Learn songs on guitar really well.

3.      Lose 20 pounds

4.      Get some cool tech certification.

5.      Meditate every day.

6.      Publish a cool app.

7.      Rule the world and/or

8.      Prepare the way for the machine take-over of the world.




JP Marinacci, Web Developer

1.     Help to develop mobile app for ArcZap users.

2.     Practice ergonomic techniques to reduce risk of injury and soreness.

3.     Complete second surgery on clavicle to remove metal plate and screws

(from dirtbike crash)

4.     Get back into great shape, lose about 10 pounds.

5.      Put together a top level legacy deck and enter a tournament.

6.      Win Fantasy Sports Championship.

7.      Become a better, more efficient all-around programmer.
AND develop cool stuff for all of you out there.


Melody Leung, Social Marketer and College Coordinator

1.      Challenge myself at the UW iSchool, including XML and social media data-mining

2.      Dig up more creative content

3.      Get faster and stronger at wushu

4.      Worry less, smile more

5.      Go on more culinary cooking adventures

I just tried: cauliflower rice, beet soup, protein powder brownies, and taro dumplings

6.      Journal everyday in hopes of writing a book

7.      Geek out with you on ArcZap Groups and Communities!


There you have it! Those are our resolutions for 2016

What are some of yours?

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