Thinking about buying a hoverboard to cruise around campus?

You may want to think again. Or settle for what’s out there.

Everyone, including each one of us, wants to be like Marty Mcfly, but is the future here yet?

Sure, there are the hoverboards on two wheels that face the front. But those are so disappointing. They don’t hover, they are balancing on two wheels. Other names for them are Swagway or Skywalker. We’re going to call them “two wheel thingies” for now.

Also, those two-wheel thingies could explode if charged too long. We don’t want to read tragic news reports about students getting exploded by hoverboards.


Did you know that nobody knows who invented the two wheel thingie? This NPR story has the juicy bits on it.



…then there are real hoverboards that hover but they have to hover over a magnetic field. Check out this article by WIRED about how the new hoverboards actually work and where Tony Hawk fits into this.

Hoverboard by Lexus.jpg


However, if those two wheel thingies were not advertised as hoverboards, they would be pretty cool. Way easier to travel around on campus  than a bike, a scooter, or a skateboard. Just make sure to do your research and not settle for the cheapest board (the ones that explode).

Urban wheel flowboard.jpg

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