Veterans Day Events and Celebrations

Today is a day to honor those who make our country free. Here is the history of Veterans Day from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Did you know?

(According to the U.S. Census Bureau)

  • There are 19.3 million military veterans in the U.S.
  • There are 9.4 million military veterans who are 65 and older.
  • 1.6 million of them are female
  • Over 21% of military veterans are African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American.

All of these individuals deserve our respect and gratitude everyday, not just on Veterans Day.

How can I celebrate Veterans Day?

Visit a local veterans hospital

Just having someone to tell their stories to is powerful. Learn about their story and really understand their life. It is one of the more memorable experiences you will ever have.

Teach young children about Veterans Day

There are many books from your local library that teach about those who serve our country.

There are also many crafts for children to make that can inspire a conversation about soldiers. Here are some Pinterest ideas to get you started.

Host a care package party!

Don’t see any events from today that interest you. Create your own group and event on ArcZap. This can be done any day of the year. This website has addresses for you to send packages to and tips on what to put in it. If this doesn’t help, contact your local base.

Pfc. Lucero Garcia, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, works hard and long hours as a frontline Soldier and still at the end of her shift is able to put on a smile. The mail Garcia has received today is spirit lifting and a welcomed sight from family members back home sending to their loved one. Garcia is deployed with Bravo Company, 949th Brigade Support Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade Troops Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade in support of Multi-National Division Ð Baghdad.

The little things matter

Just thanking those in your life who have served or are serving our country with a verbal “Thank you” or a card makes a huge difference. There are stories of some people who give up their first-class airline seat if they see someone in uniform. Little things like these create a lot of impact. The best part is that we can partake in these little things everyday of the year.

Are there any events I can go to today?

Of course there are! This is ArcZap you are asking. Go here for the full calendar.


The University of Washington campus is hosting an event at 11AM today with a reception to follow.

All state and national parks are free today. Invite the veteran in your life to a picnic or to get some fresh air.


Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce-November 11th 12:00 Noon, Rexburg Tabernacle 51 North Center 7th Annual Veterans Day Memorial Ceremony: Playing of the National Anthem, a wreath laying at the Veterans Memorial, a keynote speaker, a moment of silence and 21 gun salute.


November 11, 11am, Veterans Day Parade & Lunch, Pearl and Pine

Have a great Veterans Day!

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