5 Free Online Tools Everyone in College Should Be Using

Oh college. We all have a love/hate relationship with it. Group projects, research papers, and studying until your brain hurts.


But on the flip side. College is where you build meaningful relationships and your professional network. It’s not something to take for granted. The knowledge you gain will be worth it in the long run.


Here’s 5 tools that every college student should be using to ease the pain of going to college.

1) Doodle

Getting a study group or project group together is always a pain. Sometimes at large colleges, groups are made up of 6, 7, 8, or more people! How are you supposed to get anything done without meeting in-person or online at the same time? It’s near impossible. This scheduling software allows you to create different days and times for everyone to possibility meet. Then it gives you a link for you to send to your group members to open and fill out the Doodle. It then shows you which days and times work the best. It doesn’t do the work for you but it’s a start.


2) Zotero

Writing papers would have been so much easier with this software if we knew about it sooner. It is a citation manager that you download right to your browser. With one-click, you will have the citation and full-text (if available) in organized folders. When you are done looking for articles and other sources, you can download your whole bibliography and put it at the end of your paper. It supports ALA, MLA, etc. It saves hours and hours of citation work. You need it now.


3) Cram.com

Need some flashcards to study at home, on the bus, or in class right before the test? This app works really well. It is visually appealing and full of flashcards that others have created. Don’t see what you need? You can create your own. Save those trees by downloading this app.

4) Google Drive

Doing group work in college this day and age would be impossible without Google Drive. Work on documents, spreadsheets, or even presentations at the same time as your group members. There’s not much to say. It just works.

5) Evernote

Forgot to do your homework? What about that grocery item that you came to the store to get? Opps. You may need Evernote. Use it to make To-do lists, clip from anywhere on the web, or share and discuss with others. Everything will sync across phones, tablets, and computers. It beats using sticky notes all over your desktop.


Having trouble contacting your group? Email is still the most prominent space for communication. Tired of typing each group member email address one by one? Get a free email address for your group on ArcZap. It’s fast and easy.

Email Sign up

Are there any more free online tools or apps that you use to ease the pain of college? We and your fellow sufferers would love to hear about it. Comment below and have a great weekend!

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