How to throw a Halloween party in college

So, you still haven’t been invited to those popular Halloween house parties that you see on TV.


Do you wish you were there? Do you have friends? Well why not throw your own?

No! I'm way too busy studying!
No! I’m way too busy studying!

Scared to host a party? Well here’s a quick party planning guide that will impress your friends.

1) Location, location, location.

Those of you business school students hear this basically every other day. Though your dorm may be the easiest place to throw a party, what if:


A: it gets out of control

B: gets too loud and your RA writes you up for it

C: your dorm gets trashed and you don’t want to clean it up (right away)

The solution is to either book a room in your dorm building or find a friend who lives in a comfy apartment/house. To use their space, make sure to be ready to share some credit for throwing the party.

2) Food!

Even if you don’t know how to cook, there are easy ways to make any dish look Halloween-y. Either buy your food or find a friend who loves to cook.

For savory foods, just use a squeeze jar of mayonnaise and create a web right on top. Do the same with whipped cream or icing for desserts. If you want a little more chill factor, get some small plastic spider rings and stick them all over your food.

Krispy_Kreme_Halloween_doughnuts_(8099911845) 9043-halloween-cupcakes-with-a-pumpkin-pv

Easy, right?

Drinks are even easier

3) Drinks

No matter what type of party you are throwing, you can just add food coloring to basically any drink and make it ghoul-ly. For decoration purposes, throw some extra spiders in there or serve in the weirdest liquid container you can find. Maybe find a beaker on or around campus or at a store?


4) Music

There’s a crazy number of youtube videos with hours of continuous Halloween music. If you don’t want to deal with going through the videos, just head over to your local library and browse their Halloween music section. They take them out of storage every October for your ambiance pleasures.

5) Costumes

This part takes the most time but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Check your closet for any crazy looking clothing or some old clothes that you can cut up and zombiefy. If this doesn’t work out, thrift stores have awesome used clothing for Halloween. Just be a little creative and think of something

OR … there are cool DIY costume ideas to make online. Here’s a article with 101 costume ideas

If you think your costume is silly, sometimes it makes more sense as a group costume.

Why not?
Why not?

6) Friends!

This is the most important part because you can’t have a party without your friends (And maybe some friends of your friends). Easiest way is to use social media.

ArcZap is the best platform to use because:

  • it’s free
  • you can add reminders to your hearts content
  • you can invite existing ArcZap friends or Facebook friends easily
  • you can email your whole invitee list at once if you create a group with all your friends first. Many college students are on their email all day while doing homework. Why not bother them a little?

Now are you ready to host a Halloween party? We think you are. Tell us how it goes!

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