What’s Cool at CWU? According to Taban Cosmos

Some of you may know Taban Cosmos.

Taban Art lover

Taban CWU startup

Taban agreed to be out first featured CWU upperclassman to tell us what’s cool on campus. Did you just start at CWU? Well here’s some go-to places for you!

Where is your favorite place to go?

“One of my favorite places to go to here in Ellensburg, is U-Topia.
U-Topia is a small owned coffee and dinning cafe with fantastic customer service,
food and their salads are great.
I normally hangout there and I see many students come for ice cream as well.”

Where is your favorite place to eat?

“When I am not busy and hanging out with my friends, I like to visit CornerStone (A pizzeria restaurant).
Their services are great.”

What about a nice chill spot on campus?

“Most of the time when I am just chilling at the school, I go the Surc pit which is a place within the Dining hall and just talk with friends and people. Since the gym is just right next to it, I can easily stop by and do some workout to release some stress.”

Where do you like to study?

“Most of the time I will be at the Campus library getting some stuff done there.
The library has a study place for everyone for students to do group work and also discussion area where they can talk freely without restrictions. For those that need a quiet place, the library has the fourth floor and it is called the quiet zone.”

What do you like to do for fun?

“As a soccer player, I found out that the school has soccer clubs and intramural that take place each quarter. A great way for people to do some exercise and also meet new people playing the sports they love.”
Taban Soccar

Thanks for sharing, Taban. Have a great quarter at CWU!

With all these extra-curricular, school, and businesses, how does Taban juggle it all? We’ll just have to ask him next time. Here’s a blog on how to reduce your first quarter stress if you need an answer now.
One of the great ways to reduce stress is to take a break. Let’s not forget that ArcZap Events has plenty of CWU events for you to find and go to in order to relieve stress.
This week there is a concert by Whiskey N’ Rye and next week there is a Rodeo City Rollergirls Halloween Event. Check them out!

Want to give some insight about your campus for those new to the area?

Share our site and email contact@arczap.com with your favorite places to go and things to do on campus. Pictures are great if you would like to send some to us just to use for the blog post. Looking forward to learning about all our campuses!

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