New Friday Features: Why can’t I reply to comments? (And more concerns)

In the beginning, we tried to be very different. New, bold, and retro.


But maybe some things need to be universal. We are still new and bold; but retro is not one of our descriptors anymore. Now we have a new version that’s fresh, centered, and full of life.

Is This a Real View

Here are the changes we have been working on these past two weeks:

Events, Events, and more Events

We want your events to form into a community of people all interested in the same thing.

We figure: “How else do people become friends?”

Friendship is born at that moment when-2 (2)

This means we want all Zappers to be able to capture every moment of an event and save it. We call this a Celebration Page where an event lives on!
  • All Event Pages now have a map location view
  • All Zappers can add an album of pictures to contribute to the celebration of an events
  • These tons of photos can be added all at once


(Want to go to the event: Click here:

Our event pages are now more customizable than ever.

Comments, Comments, and Comments

Adjusting to a new style of comments didn’t cut it anymore. Now all of our comment sections in your Arc, Community, or Event Pages are stylized like typical comments you see and use on a daily basis.

That means you can:

  • Reply to other comments
  • Like comments
  • Edit comments with ease (for those times when your phone decides to auto-correct fail you)
  • Delete comments with ease (for those times you were too drunk … *cough cough* off of life… to think)

New comments

No more learning curve here.

In addition to these new features, we also worked on increasing ArcZap’s performance. ArcZap is now more capable for loading and downloading ALL files. ‘Upload error’ no more!

Are there any other suggestions you may have? We would love to hear from you! Just comment below to have your voice heard.

Thanks for reading this week’s New Friday Features post!

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