New Friday Updates: How do I look for events?

Seen some changes lately? You’re not the only one. We have been working on improving the site as fast as possible by releasing new versions every Friday.

crush (2)

Now there’s another reason to be excited for the weekend! Here’s what we did last week:


Monthly Calendar for Communities

In our focus groups, a majority of people anticipated a monthly view of the events we show. We were worried a monthly view would look too crowded. So we took time to design a monthly view that was appealing and practical.

Community calendar

As you scroll over each event, a pop-up with more information appears.

If you click on an event, its event page appears

Event page

Here you can:

  • Create a reminder of the event
  • Check out its slideshow
  • See how many other Zappers are attending
  • Read more details
  • Go to the original site

Want to start finding events?

No account needed!

1) Go to ArcZap

2) Check out our featured events right on the front page

3) Find an event or browse events by clicking on one of our target areas (Seattle, Bellevue, Ellensburg, and Rexburg)

How to get to the calendar

4) You will be taken to our event search page:

Event Monthy View

5) To see our calendar view, choose “this month” under “When”

If a day has too many events to show, there is a scroll bar within the day. Like it? Hate it? Please tell us!

Now you will have a calendar view of the all the events in your chosen area. Anything interest you so far?

Monthly View

Message Sound

Now when you get a message while you are logged on, there will be a short sound to notify you. The only question is, should it sound like a normal social media notification or a zapping buzz sound?

Uploading for non-image files

There were some problems with the uploading of different types of picture files. Now, these are all fixed!

Thanks for Zapping with us! Stay tuned for this week’s New Friday Updates!

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