The Google of Events

We just released a new version of our site and we think you will love it. Not only did we listen to all of your feedback and made drastic changes, we also created a whole new section of our site for EVENTS.

Events, Events, and more Events

Here are some key highlights of our event page:

  • We compiled events from all the calendars of the schools we are launched in and in the communities we are located in (Seattle WA, Bellevue WA, Ellensburg WA, and Rexburg ID)
  • Your events will show up here too!
  • You can search for a specific tag in the event, where the event is located at, or when the event is.

event page

Do you like games?

If so, then Mox is the place to be!


Hover over an event to see more key details about the event

Mox details

Want even more? Click on an event that looks interesting! You will be taken to the event’s page.

Here you can:

  • See a slideshow of pictures provided by the event
  • Go directly to the event’s website
  • See if the event is sponsored by one of our communities
  • Add comments about how excited you are for this event!
  • or you can even create a reminder on ArcZap! Don’t miss an event ever again! We will email you when the event date is near.

mox details page

Did you know that all these events are public and searchable without an ArcZap account? Of course, if you created an event, you can choose if it is public or private. But these are free for everyone to see and be aware of! We want everyone in our communities to be aware of the coolest things happening in the area. You don’t ever have to be bored at home again!

Did you notice some other drastic changes? Here’s a list of some of the things we did to improve your experience using ArcZap!

The Color Scheme

Time and time again, we had comments about how bad the colors of the site were. We felt your pain. Originally, we tried for go for a retro look, instead we made it outdated. We learned our lesson.

Color Scheme

Now the background color is a solid white with blue accents. What do you think? Is it still too cluttered or hard to look at? Or modern and exciting?

Groups now have pictures

Instead of just an icon and text, we now have the ability to add a picture for your group.


To do this:

1) Go to a group that you manage

Group you manage

2) Click on the ‘settings’ button on the left side of the screen

setting button

3) Upload a picture by clicking the ‘Click to upload picture’ box or drag a photo into the box.

change picture

4) Voila! your group now has a picture to showcase who you are to those looking for a group to join!

A Clean URL

Before, URLs for our pages had a random ‘#’ or a random ‘!’.

This is how cluttered it used to look:

This is how it looks after we fixed it:

Now you can direct your friends and potential new group members to a URL that is easy to write down and go to!

Navigation Bar

All the most important actions that you will want to do are located at the top of the navigation bar instead of at the bottom. Now you can find events and groups easier!

Nav bar

Also, did we mention that this bar is collapsible?


You will still see your notifications, but the corkboard and all the sites contents will expand larger on your screen. “Yay!” for a larger corkboard!

Want to start an account on ArcZap now? Go here and create an account, group, or event! Invite all your friends and keep your entertainment local.

Are there more features that you wish ArcZap had? If so, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. We promise we will listen!

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