Our events just got hacked (At the CWU Hackathon!)

When you put programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, and prizes in the same room, WHAT DO YOU GET?



The coolest part is that this event was hosted and started by one of our design and ambassador interns, Taban Cosmos.


His entrepreneur-spirit is hard to come by and his vision for the world is so unique. He just conquered being the new kid at school. He then brought a whole team of programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to create something new. Next, he just may just bring the whole world together in ways that we cannot even imagine.

Read more about him here: http://www.tabancosmos.com/ or follow him here: https://twitter.com/TabanCosmos

Now let’s talk about this awesome event!

Taban started this event because there was nothing at Central Washington University that brought students together in the way that this hackathon did. In result, he started his own club with his acquaintances, planned this event, and executed it very well.

cwu startup

CWUStartup is:

“An intersection between technology and business, that aims to connect student with the resources they need to execute their vision to create the next big..[thing]”

This Hackathon was created to allow students from all different backgrounds to come together and work on different projects that they love. It was a place to bounce ideas and learn what it feels like to work in the real startup world.

Here’s what Taban thinks about it:

““Everybody comes here, goes to school, and comes back to the West Side,” he said. “But I think Ellensburg is more than that. Ellensburg is a place that nurtures, develops skills, it should be able to handle more than that. It should be able to have companies created here.” “We are doers, not talkers, and I think that’s what folks should get out of this.””

Here are the facts:

  • 20 people showed up

10479324_1591373491121742_2975876985174931693_n (2)

  • Free food
  • Free drinks

1493309_1589614041297687_3592511182005325273_o (2)

  • Free shirt

10338482_1589614287964329_5541996759630405297_o (2)

  • $200 grand prize from ArcZap
  • $50 gift card to Pizza Colin
  • $20 prize for the UI design challenge
  • a fun night for everyone


Check out what our CEO John and Taban had to say about the event here: http://bit.ly/1H0iJlR

More photos of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1589612877964470.1073741831.1569906816601743&type=1

We had a blast being a part of this event. The more people we can bring together, the more we have accomplished.

Want us to sponsor your next event? email us at contact@arczap.com

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