Do something fun these past few weeks? Create your own celebration board!

Sadly, Spring Break has come to an end. But there were some amazing events these past few weeks that deserve to be remembered.

For example, we went to Sakura Con this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a Northwest Anime Convention in Seattle. We went because our marketing intern was performing for the closing ceremonies and ran a workshop on Chinese martial arts.


Yes, all these girls are holding swords. They were teaching them too! How awesome is that?!

Besides her awesome performance and workshop, we saw many crazy, yet cool things.

Look at these awesome costumes!

Escalator costumes

Over 20,000 people attend this event and a large majority of them cosplay with costumes that they create themselves! Can you imagine how many hours they take to create these?

10620471_10205858422317406_8192059798726684669_o (2)

Among many panels and screenings of recent popular anime, there was also a large marketplace of merchandise to buy or artists to meet!

Artwork for sale

Check out our celebration board!

Celebration Board

Here is also our marketing intern’s celebration board for her event!

our celebration Page

What a great way to celebrate memorable events! It’s like scrapbooking… except free!

Are you ready to create your own celebration board?

First, you need to create a group (we call it an Arc) that is your own personal space. This allows you to change the background of the board and have the permission to delete things from the board. Steps to create an Arc are here

Next, you get to customize your board! Did you know you can create more than one board in your Arc?

Different boards

All you have to do is click on the “+” symbol to add another board. The gear symbol can be clicked on to customize your board. You can give it a title, a cool background, or delete a board if you became too click-happy with the “+” sign.

Edit baord

Almost done! Now you can drag your photos or files directly onto the corkboard or you can manually upload them by clicking on the rocket poster that says “Add Poster”

Drag and drop

Last but not least! Move and resize the posters as you see fit! Is there one that you want bigger? Is there one that you want smaller?

Don’t forget that all the files uploaded don’t change in size. We don’t decrease the size in order to upload them. This way, you are able to click on a poster and download it to again or view it at it’s original size. None of these files ever get lost! (unless you delete them).


Now that you have all the tips and tools to create a celebration page, go back to ArcZap and create one!

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