April Fool’s Pranks to do during your lunch break

I procrastinate. You procrastinate. We ALL procrastinate. Especially when it comes to something as silly as April Fool’s Day.

Good thing there are many ways to do easy, last minute pranks. Try these 10 easy pranks yourself or with a small group (the more accomplices, the less responsibility… *snicker snicker*)

Get your small group together first, select a few people to target, and then select a few pranks on this list. Watch each other to make sure nobody goes too overboard with their pranks.

1. Toothpaste in Oreos – They won’t even see it coming.


2. Mix Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese Pieces in a bowl – Best if targeting an OCD individual like me


3. Make caramel apple onions – best if placed in a shared break area


4. Place a Mentos frozen in all the ice cubes at home or at the office – soda drinkers will hate you


5. Dip some cotton balls in water and then roll in chopped pieces of chocolate (or dip the whole thing in chocolate)- Place in a shared break room as well. They will not believe that chocolate could ever deceive them.


6. Use your Kindergarten skills and roll Playdoh into sticks of gum. Place in a real wrapper and viola! – This will finally make that person who always asks you for gum finally stop. WIN WIN


7. Replace the hand sanitizer at in the break room with Lubricating Jelly – They will have SO much fun trying to open the doorknob to the bathroom.


8. Switch your colleagues keys on their keyboard and watch them get confused


9. This one can work today or on someone’s birthday. Place a small amount of confetti in a cup and then place in at the top of a door. When they come in for their mini party, the confetti greets them first.


10. Or do something nice for someone as a group. Have each person in your group tell one person they are beautiful that whole day. They may get suspicious but at the end, tell them it is still true. Be creative with this one and let your best self shine.


Need help getting your group together? You can always create an Arc and use it to add your private group, post pictures of all your successful pranks of the day, or create an event to remind your group of a prank you are doing at a certain time today.

Keep it safe and have fun!

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