What should I do this Spring Break?

Now that Spring Break has started, what is everyone doing?

For some of us, we are traveling in Hawaii for 8 days and sipping on lemonade (or a Mai Tai) on the beach.

*sigh* "I wish I was here"
*sigh* “I wish I was here”

For others, we were too busy during Winter Quarter or too broke to plan an actual vacation. We are sitting at home contemplating on either staying in PJs for the rest of break or going out with our friends.

"All I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix all day"

Why not do both? Sleep in, do a Netflix Binge, and go to an event somewhere close!

You may be thinking, “Huh? An event? Nothing ever goes on here…”

That’s not true! You would be surprised of all the things that are happening in your area for free or at a low cost. Besides suggestions on how to relax during Spring Break, you will also find events during Spring Break near the UW, Bellevue College, CWU, and BYUI areas. Let’s get started, shall we?

Events near UW:

  • NOW through March 29thMamma Mia! at the Paramount
  • NOW through April 6th – Live On: Mr.’s Japanese Neo-Pop
  • NOW through April 12th – Moisture Festival at Hale’s Palladium
  • NOW through April 19th Nature and Pattern in Japanese Design
  • NOW through May 17th – Indigenous Beauty at the Seattle Art Museum
  • Tues March 24th – Everything but the Kitchen Sink for Start-Ups
  • Tues March 24th – Cider and Games at Capital Cider
  • Thurs March 26th – Marilyn Manson at the Showbox
  • Fri March 27th: A. Jance Book Signing of Cold Betrayal at Seattle Mystery Books
  • Fri March 27th and Sat March 28th: Chimera Dance Theater Presents: Unseen, Unsaid
  • Sat March 28th: Saturday University: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting/Crossing the Indian Ocean
  • Take Classes at the UW Botanic Gardens

Events near Bellevue College:

  • NOW through March 29thBAM Biennial: Knock on Wood at the Bellevue Arts Museum
  • NOW through April 26th No Way to Treat a Lady at the Village Theater
  • NOW through June 14thEmerge/Evolve 2014: Rising Talents in Kiln-Glass
  • Thur March 26thMeditation Class
  • March 27, 28 and 29 – Oblio and the Pointless Forest at the Bellevue Youth Theater
  • Sat March 28thDinner and Dancing: 3rd Shift Dance
  • March 28thAerial Arts Performance at Suite Restaurant/Lounge
  • Sat March 28th and Sun March 29thFancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Events near Central Washington University – Ellensburg

  • Wed March 25thKnitting Know-How
  • Wed March 25thIron Horse Brewery Trivia
  • Fri March 27thRodeo City Equine Rescue Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser
  • Fri March 27thCommunity Volleyball
  • Fri March 27thYoga Bootcamp at Studio Y
  • Sat March 28thChukar Run Banquet
  • Sat March 28thFilipino American Community Barrio Fiesta Anniversary Dinner
  • Sat March 28th and Sun March 29thCentral Washington Home and Lifestyle Expo

Events near BYU Idaho

  • Tues March 24thArt in Bloom at BYUI
  • Tues March 24thBYUI Band and Orchestra: 
  • Wed March 25th50 cents movie night: Toy Story
  • Wed March 25th and Fri March 27thLa Boheme at Snow 115 Drama Theater
  • Wed March 25thUniversity Choir and Women’s Glee
  • Thur March 26thJazz Combos
  • Thurs March 26thJane Austen Ball
  • Sat March 28thBYUI-Race
  • Sat March 28thLilies and Lace: Fashion and Floral Gala

Now for the rest of the time that you are not going to an event, remember to relax over Spring Break. Winter Quarter is usually everyone’s hardest quarter. Take this short break to unwind and cool down before the homestretch. Here are some ways to make this Spring Break beneficial to your body and soul:

  1. Find your own way to relax – go to a spa, take long bubble baths, or just go on a run!

  2. Read a book – Reread your favorite book or read one of these popular books before you see the movie:

    (In order of screening) Divergent, The Longest Ride, Far from the Madding Crowd, Paper Towns, and Scorch Trials

  3. Go on a short road trip – No matter if you and a few of your close friends are going to a nearby park to have a bonfire or going on a long hike, getting away from your usual surroundings will make you feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

  4. Besides the Netflix binges, have a movie marathon with your friends. Since school doesn’t start again for a week, you can stay up all night!

  5. Go have a picnic at a nearby beach. Seeing a large body of water not only makes you feel calm but it also makes your break feel memorable, different from your everyday view. Here in Seattle, we would get this feeling at Golden Gardens. Where would you go?

  6. Do something new that you have been dreaming about doing but make sure it’s something small. Sometimes the small things bring the most pleasure. Try a free martial art class, give a moment to try painting. No matter what, it will be a great experience.

So what are you planning to do during Spring Break?

For more events in your area or everyday tips, subscribe to our blog or join one of our communities on ArcZap.com. From there, you will be able to compile all the events you are planning to go to or create an event yourself! A full Events Center of all the events in your area is coming soon. Stay tuned for yet another surprise.

Have a relaxing Spring Break everyone!

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