Where did my post go???

(During a group project)

*LOG: Translation here

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Have you went over the guidelines for our project yet?

The LOG    The LOG: …. No …. You were supposed to post it on [insert social media site here] but I never saw it!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: I posted it yesterday.

The LOG    The LOG: I checked yesterday but nothing was there!

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: Did you scroll down through Aaron’s spamming posts to see if it was there?

The LOG    The LOG: …

74641_1488539821404_5013659_n (2)    Me: *sigh* I wish there was a way to keep important files in a place where we can all find it. Separate from our regular conversational posts but still on the same website that we use to organize these irritating group projects.

————————— 4 years later —————————————

I discovered ArcZap.

With ArcZap, none of your important posts will get lost if you pin them to your virtual corkboard. If you create the group, you are the only one who can delete things pinned to the board. This way, your group members won’t have an excuse for not seeing your important documents. They can download them, edit, and re-upload them. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Here’s how to create a group on our newest version of ArcZap:


Sign up with one click by using Facebook or create an account with just one form.

Sign Up Page

After this, you will be directed towards your homepage.

  • On the left side bar, click on “Create a group”

New group

  • Fill out the blank spaces to make your group unique. Is there a random nickname that your group likes to go by?

Bocce Finance Guerrils Mommin

Why not make it fun and use it?

  • Don’t forget to invite your group members! This way, they will start getting private email notifications from you. A free email alias is also provided to keep your group connected.

  • Drag or upload all of your group’s important documents to your own private virtual corkboard.


  • Make an announcement to your group to remind them to review those documents

Announcement feed now

  • Create an event for your next meeting in order to give them a deadline to review the materials

Event for group

It will show up here!

Here it is

  • Don’t forget to set a reminder for them just in case they RSVP and forget (which both of us know, is highly likely)

  • You are all done! Easy and effective.

Take it from someone who has gone through numerous group projects. Don’t let your group projects fail due to group members not knowing how to work effectively. If there is a way to fix it, why not use it?

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