Bigger Can Be Better (March Features Update)

What is bigger than a group? A family? A clan? An Arc?

Clan Quote

If you said Arc, I like the way you think. But the answer is…


A Community.

For the latest version of our site, we wanted to focus on stepping back and looking at the big picture.

Artist's depiction of the WMAP satellite

We took customer feedback and survey results into consideration and made some changes from the outside to the inside of our site.

1) Our homepage:

Before, it was cluttered and lacked a purpose. Now, we focused on sharing with you what ArcZap is.


So now when someone asks you “What is ArcZap?” What will you say?

Our answer is:

ArcZap is the first interest-based network with free private groups, online corkboards, and local community events.

2) Sign-up page:

We ask you (the sneaker wearer looking in from the outside) to create an account first before creating a group.

Join Us

Our last version of the site asked to create a group first. It ended up confusing many users. Now, you create an account first and then create or join a group. We aim to make it a seamless process. Guess what we did to make it even easier?

Sign Up Page

We added a “Sign up with Facebook” button to streamline the process of signing up. One click and you’re done

It's so easy!

Now let me share with you the features that show bigger can be better.

3) A Larger Corkboard:

Our survey asked for a larger corkboard and you got it! This is our first step in making the corkboard more manageable for larger groups.

A Bigger Corkboard

Stay tuned for more updates about this feature.

4) An Activity Bar:

Instead of a navigation bar with many foreign icons, we expanded it and created an activity bar. Here, you can see which groups have new activity. When something happens in a group, you see a yellow icon next to it. How many notifications do I have right now?

Arctivity Bar

My Arc has 4 notifications! Group members now have no excuse for not seeing your posts.

Now last but not least….

5) A Community Page:

This page brings many groups together into one. It is managed by an administrator who has the sole power to add events to the corkboard or make announcements. This is where all your groups will want to be.

Community Page CWU

Anybody can add a community event to the page but only an administrator can add it to the corkboard. This allows the community to have more structure and less clutter.

You may be wondering, “Why would I want my event on a community corkboard?”

Having an event on the corkboard will multiple your audience. Multiple groups can be in a community at once. All those groups will see your event. If you want more people to attend, this is perfect for you.

If you are a group owner, apply your group to a community.

If you want to be a community, apply at

So what do you think? Can bigger actually be better?

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