Opening Presents (The More Exciting Way)

Do you like opening gifts? I know we do!

When I look at the gifts underneath my tree, I get really excited. I start imagining all of the possibilities that it could be.

It's raining presents!
It’s raining presents!

Could it be my favorite box of chocolates?


Could it be the book I have been waiting to buy just to see if someone will remember how much I wanted it?

Why not?
Why not?

Could it even be the keys to the car I have been waiting to get for the last 5 years?

Belonging to a red Subaru Impreza STI
Belonging to a red Subaru Impreza STI

All these are possibilities. My possibilities. What are some that you are waiting for?

This anticipation that you are feeling is excitement. Excitement of the unknown. Your pulse may quicken a little. Your cheesy grin may be revealed. You may even rub your hands a little in anticipation.


When the time finally comes to open your gift, the excitement peaks. You get more and more excited the harder it is to open the gift.

You struggle with the ribbon.

Opening presents

You rip the wrapping paper right off.

6645340427_b6cc858c5d_o (2)

You may even need to get a knife to open the taped box inside.

box to cut open

Or worse, you need to open one of these:

flickr beansprout, package
The ABSOLUTE worst thing that can happen

But you know what? No matter how hard it was to open, it was worth it. You got a little gift and you know that someone thought of you.

But opening present after present after present gets boring. You don’t get the buildup of anticipation like you did for the first present.

You may be wondering “Huh? What do you mean? This writer is crazy!” Let me explain it by telling a short story.

I had a friend who was poor. There were some days that his family of 5 didn’t even know how they were going to eat the next day. But every year during the holidays, they save up. They save up just enough money to buy each other everyday gifts.


Toothpaste, floss, socks, a new T-shirt. Though their presents were not glamorous, they were thankful every year to receive the smallest of gifts. Part of what made their Christmas day special was HOW they opened their presents.

You may be thinking, “How? There’s only one way to open gifts. Rip them up and see what’s inside!”

Let’s try thinking outside of the box…

This family opened their gifts one by one during Christmas. One every two to three hours.

That buildup that you get with the first present repeats itself. While other families get excited for Christmas morning, they got excited for Christmas morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, dinner, and evening. The best part is that they got to spend every part of the day with their family; sharing the excitement of opening presents throughout the day. Read more about the important of spending time with your family here.

Ever Present

Our wish is for all of you to have that same sensation of excitement and happiness by opening presents and being with family.

And guess what? We have some presents for you! Like opening presents throughout the day, we will be adding new features to our site throughout the holiday season and beyond. Here are some new features for you to anticipate:

1) A more friendly user interface with live updates. When your friend does something on ArcZap on the same page you are on, you will see it in real time!

2) Want to know about events in your area? Or do you want to advertise your events for free? We will have a way for you to do that.

3) Many many more to come! I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

So let’s build up that excitement together! Again and again and again. You won’t want to miss them.

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