What’s an Arc? (Explanation and how to create one)

Is it a part of a circle? Or a large boat?


Yes to the circle, no to the boat.

An Arc is a group. Being a part of an Arc is like being a part of a circle, except way cooler. We created Arcs in order to help people bring all their group processes all in one place. Not scattered on multiple sites. In my experience, I needed Doodle, Google Docs, SkyDrive, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, and sometimes even those annoying little apps to text everyone in my group.

ArcZap has the communication portion all ready. The next phase will be letting you advertise your Arc’s events and creating a way for you to search for events in your area. Stay tuned!

What? You haven’t made an Arc yet? Let me help you with 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Go to www.arczap.com

Step 2: Fill out the form on the front page

Use a fun group name, where you meet, and what your group is all about. Choose whether you want all your members to be approved by you or not. Also, choose an icon that matches your group. For example, my martial art group has a trophy icon.


Step 3: Click on ‘Next Step’

Step 4: Create an account

Fill out the needed information. Remember, you will get to choose if others get to see you by just your name, just your alias, or both!

Place the requested picture on the cork board to the right. (This is practice for when you have the real virtual cork board to play with).

Don’t forget to read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Step 5: Click ‘Sign Up’

Step 6: Verify your email in order to manage your group


An email (like this one below) will be sent to the email account you signed up on ArcZap with. Click on the link to verify. If you don’t receive it within the next 5 minutes, check your spam folder or refresh your email.


Step 7: You will be linked to the login page. Enter your newly created username and password. Now you are ready to customize your Arc!


Step 8: Go to your group and create a background for your virtual cork board. Add posters, pictures, or important documents for all your group members to see.


Step 9: Create an announcement for your group members to see when they accept your invite.Welcome

When your members have accepted, they will all get emails whenever you make announcements or add content on your virtual cork board. If you want to only talk to a few of your members, use our messaging center in the navigation bar.


Step 10: Invite your group members by email. Click on the ‘+’ botton at the top right of your members list. Enter an email and a personal message to show your excitement of using ArcZap!


Now that you have all the steps, what are you waiting for? Go create a group!

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