Thanksgiving Everyday

Thank you, Karen from Facebook, for reaching out to us about how to use ArcZap to plan your family reunion. We want our Facebook page to be a source for any of you to ask questions and find answers. Here at ArcZap, we want to be with you every step of the way. Read our response here:

In line with the theme of family reunions, the biggest family reunion event of the year is coming: Thanksgiving

Let me share with you a story of a girl I once knew, who never had a traditional Thanksgiving.

She never got to have turkey, or mashed potatoes.


Her parents were never at the dinner table on Thanksgiving night.

boldt_boathouse_diningroom (2)
“It was always fend-for-yourself-day”

She didn’t get to cook all day with mom or watch football all day with her dad.

file2391298506940 (2) watchingtv

Relatives and friends were never invited over to join in on the festivities.

file000521534736 (2)

And pumpkin pie was never a dessert choice.

file6401261247209 (2)
“Thanksgiving is never perfect without pumpkin pie!”

You may be thinking, “What a poor girl. Everybody deserves to have a decent Thanksgiving dinner with their family!”

“What type of madness is this!?”
“What type of madness is this!?”

But she did have Thanksgiving. She had Thanksgiving every day.

She had Thanksgiving almost every day with her friends after school.

"BFFs Forever"
“BFFs Forever”

She had Thanksgiving almost every day with her mom, dad, brother, and sister. It was always more than just dinner.

file0001483483182 (2)

The only day she didn’t have Thanksgiving was on Thanksgiving. Her parents had to work through the holiday every year. But that didn’t stop her from being happy. That feeling of togetherness that everybody has during Thanksgiving, she felt it every day.

Being together doesn’t only need to happen on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving really can be every day. You don’t even need to be physically together to have that feeling. Being together virtually can have the same effect.

Do you have family far away but would like to feel closer to them? Invite them to your private group at ArcZap and exchange stories of all the exciting adventures you are having. You can share pictures on your private corkboard and make announcements to all your family members at one time! Make every day feel like Thanksgiving.

Happy Turkey Day!

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