Skeptical at first

Have you ever had that “Huh” moment? Not the one where you don’t understand something, but the one where you are contemplating if something is legit or completely looney toons. You squeeze your eyebrows together, squint your eyes a little, and perk your lips to one side. Try it, it really makes you look like a thinker.

Skeptical Look

That look is skepticism. This happened when Myspace users moved to Facebook. And when Facebook users started exploring SnapChat or Instagram. We have seen this look on many of our beta testers prior to their first 5 minutes on the site.

These are some of the questions that went through their minds:

  • How is ArcZap different from other social media sites? ArcZap is a private way for you to manage your groups. Your group events and documents can be pinned to a virtual corkboard. This way, nothing gets lost on the page.

ArcZap Group Example

During our beta, we have compiled many ideas like the corkboard above on how to make coordinating even easier, different, and better. Join our beta, give us suggestions, and wait for each new surprise

  • Why should I join ArcZap when “everyone” is convened somewhere else? Do you really want everyone to be a part of your group? Like a neighbor who disagrees. More and more problems are arising in other social media sites. We are being proactive and solving the problems first.
  • But I, but I, just don’t want to. Everyone is scared of change. Scared of joining a new club or changing your hairstyle.
    “I’m even cuter now, right?”
    “I’m even cuter now, right?”

    But if you don’t try it, you’ll never know if it was a better choice.

    Trying out ArcZap may be scary at first, but we are with you every step of the way. It’s going to get better. Trust us. You will love the new features that we are adding as our beta phase goes on. When the beta phase is over, you will see the difference.

    Strive to avoid skepticism, and who knows, ArcZap might be the next big thing.

    Start a group and schedule your next event with ArcZap!

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