The Neighbor Who Disagrees

We’ve all been there before: your fiery Aunt Janice has friended a neighbor who violently opposes all of her opinions. And whenever you like her statuses, your inbox is flooded with a hundred little notifications, all alerting you to angry comments from – you guessed it — Neighbor Who Disagrees.

Ready for a crusade!

On a given day, he and Aunt Janice might quarrel about the benefits of scuba diving, or perhaps debate the best breed of cat. Regardless of the topic, you’re sick of seeing them talk, and one day decide to intervene. Suddenly, Neighbor Who Disagrees is hot on your tail. Clearly you just don’t understand that the Norwegian Forest Cat, or Norsk skogkatten, is superior to the Russian Blue in every possible way.

I mean NWD may have a point: the Norsk skogkatt is pretty magnificent

All that arguing with friends-of-your-friends can make you want to delete your social media accounts forever and become a lone nomad in the hills of Scotland. You can’t understand why Neighbor Who Disagrees is so frustrating; can’t we all just get along?

“You mean this place doesn’t have wifi? I’ll take it!”

Unfortunately, in a “me-centered” social network, we’re bound to run into people that we wish we hadn’t. While it’s great to stake out a place on the internet to call your own, interacting with people as individuals means you can see all of their baggage. Your friends will inevitably have friends that you dislike, and it can be a rocky landscape to navigate.

So what’s the solution (other than hiding out in the Scottish highlands)? Here at ArcZap, we believe in “we-centered” social networking, built around the existing dynamics of your friend groups. While you and Aunt Janice might have each other in common as friends, you certainly don’t share an interest in Neighbor Who Disagrees, and your ArcZap group will keep him/her out of the loop entirely. Aunt Janice can argue with him on her own time; your shared group is about fond family memories and posting pictures of your attempts at her famous mac and cheese.

So next time you see Neighbor Who Disagrees commenting on her status, you can resist the temptation to reply — social media war averted. Who would have thought social media could encourage diplomacy?

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