Shaping Up

Here at ArcZap we are small but scrappy.  In just under two weeks we’ve added two cool new features to our website.

Is a Friend of a Friend a Friend?

Have you ever had that experience where you comment to a friend’s post only to have one of their friends, whom you don’t know, reply back to you?   Awkward…  You haven’t even been introduced yet and now you’re old “pals” or worse, new “adversaries”?

Cue ArcZap

ArcZap Logo
Brand Logo

Create Group

ArcZap is designed to allow you to create a group space where only members of the group can participate and talk to each other.  No random interlopers here.

Photo Bomb Clown
Photo Bomb Clown

We recently added the ability to create your own group space.  To try it out, head over to ArcZap and click create and then after logging in do three quick steps.

  1. Choose a Name
  2. Click a background
  3. Click ‘Let’s get Started’ button


That’s it! You now have an ArcZap group where only the current group members can comment, post pictures, and photos.

Dragon Drop

We love Dragon Drop here at ArcZap.  If we had a mascot it would either be a Lightning Dragon or a Small and Scrappy Puppy.


We are believers in making web applications support drag and drop.  Web 2.0.  If you haven’t already noticed, all of the pictures and posters you create in your groups can be dragged around the board.

Now, we’ve added a new species of Dragon Drop.  Now you can take a photo from your computer and drag it onto an ArcZap board directly.

Here’s how you do it (I’ll use Windows but it should work similarly on Mac or Linux).

  1. Find a picture you want to post to your group on your computer
  2. Click and drag it over to your browser, where the ArcZap group board is waiting.
Drag and Drop Illustrated
Windows Explorer to Browser
  1. Let go!
Drag and Drop Done
Dragonn Drop Done

So, why are you still reading this blog?  Go create your group and drop some dragons on it!

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