What is ArcZap?

Arc, Arch, Zap

As we ready our technical preview alpha, it is appropriate to explain what ArcZap is all about.  One meaning of ‘arc’, when used as a noun,  means part of the circumference of a circle or curve.  Think of the St. Louis Arch.   Or the outer round rim of crust on a slice of pie. “Zap” can mean a sudden burst of electricity, energy, or sound.   ArcZap is a way to instantaneously communicate and interact with a specified set of friends.

15s Pitch – What is ArcZap About?

ArcZap provides a way to organize your groups online — creating a shared poster space, a next generation nexus for group messages and communications, and a digital presence for your group.

Pocket watch

ArcZap vs. Facebook, David vs. Goliath

Isn’t the social networking space kinda occupied?   Can’t you do what you do on <insert your favorite social network or IYFSN>.   No and Yes, respectively.   We’re not here because we think we can build a better version of <IYFSN>.   Rather, we aim to fill the niche between the giants. Our niche is small groups and local presence. Most of the major social networks focus on individuals and their friends, while our focus is on sets of people organized around a goal or purpose.

Large Sumo Wrestler vs. Child Sumo Wrestler

What’s New?

In our Technical Preview we are showing two new features – a poster board integrated with an email list.   The poster board acts like a real cork board that you can place graphical permanent messages that is always available to the group.   Posters remain on the board until recycled.  You can click and drag the posters around and even cover other posters like you would do in real life.   Further, comments and email replies are not placed on the poster board, they are not as permanent or prominent.   Why don’t you sign up, give it try, and then give us some feedback?  <sign-up>

Who Is Your Target Customer?

Right now we are focused on three specific groups

  1. Clubs and Organizations
  2. Online Teams or Clans
  3. Local Small Businesses

The Breakfast Club

Stay Tuned

New features and more widely available betas will be coming soon.  Much of it depends on your feedback.  So stay tuned, and don’t be like George Bailey – “Now, you listen to me! … I don’t want any ground floors…” <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0038650/quotes>

George Bailey from "It's a Wonderful Life"

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